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Acting Age: 35 - 45 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
Accomodation: Z├╝rich, Wien, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Fulda, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich
Height: 175 cm
Haircolor: brown
Eyecolor: green
Languages: spanish (fluent), german (native), english (native)
Dialects/accents: Berlin dialect, Hessian, American English
Ethnicity: Middle European, Southern European
Instruments: guitar (skilled)
Sports: badminton (skilled), basketball (skilled), billiards (skilled), bodybuilding (skilled), boxing (skilled), ice hockey (skilled), football (skilled), golf (skilled), handball (skilled), filed hockey (skilled), judo (skilled), kick boxing (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), pilates (skilled), qigong (skilled), roller-skating (skilled), snowboarding (skilled), squash (skilled), tai chi chuan (skilled), diving (skilled), tennis (pro), table tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, moped
Pitch of voice: tenor