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Acting Age: 13 - 19 years old
1. Residence: Budapest
Height: 172 cm
Haircolor: auburn, brown, light brown
Eyecolor: brown, green, brown-green
Languages: english (beginner)
Dialects/accents: American English, British English
Ethnicity: White, Middle European, Mixed race
Instruments: bass guitar (skilled), keyboard (skilled), drums (skilled), piano (skilled)
Dances: new dance (pro), disco (pro), hip-hop (pro), modern (skilled), moonwalk (skilled), folk dance (skilled), pop (skilled), rap (pro), robot-dance (skilled), showdance (skilled), freestyle (skilled), stage dance (skilled), dance education (skilled), dance theatre (skilled), street dance (pro), ballroom (skilled)
Sports: American football (skilled), table tennis (skilled), track and field athletics (pro), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), billiards (skilled), professional wrestling (skilled), bowling (skilled), boxing (pro), football (pro), stilts (skilled), handball (skilled), volleyball (skilled), tennis (skilled), gymnastics (skilled)
Pitch of voice: contralto