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Photo by Alaïs Aviana Zoë Angélique Adelldell


Acting Age: 25 - 45 years old
1. Residence: Munich
2. Residence: Los Angeles, United States of America
Accomodation: Paris, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hamburg, New York, Berlin, Cologne, London, Vienna
Height: 172 cm
Haircolor: blond
Eyecolor: blue-green
Languages: russian (intermediate), french (fluent), italian (fluent), spanish (fluent), english (native), german (native)
Dialects/accents: American English, Austrian, Bavarian, Berlin dialect, Standard German, Viennese German
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Instruments: bongos (skilled), conga (pro), djembe (skilled), drums (pro), flute (pro), guitar (pro), harp (pro), keyboard (skilled), percussions (pro), piano (pro), violin (skilled)
Dances: ballet (pro), ballroom (skilled), belly dance (pro), can-can (pro), cha-cha-cha (skilled), charleston (skilled), classic (pro), dance education (pro), dance theatre (pro), flamenco (pro), go-go (pro), hip-hop (pro), Irish (pro), jazz (pro), Lambada (skilled), Latin-American (skilled), mambo (skilled), merengue (skilled), minuet (skilled), modern (pro), musical (pro), oriental (pro), performance (pro), pop (pro), rap (pro), robot-dance (pro), salsa (pro), showdance (pro), street dance (pro), tango (pro), tap dance (pro), twist (pro), waltz (pro)
Sports: acrobatics (skilled), aerobics (skilled), climbing (skilled), fencing (skilled), golf (skilled), gymnastics (skilled), horseback riding (pro), jiu jitsu (skilled), karate (skilled), kick boxing (skilled), kung fu (skilled), pilates (pro), sailing (skilled), skiing (skilled), Tae Bo (skilled), tai chi chuan (pro), trapeze (pro), windsurfing (skilled), yoga (pro)
Pitch of voice: soprano