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Acting Age: 25 - 35 years old
1. Residence: Budapest
2. Residence: London
Accomodation: Los Angeles
Height: 170 cm
Haircolor: blond
Eyecolor: blue
Languages: hungarian (intermediate), english (native)
Dialects/accents: American English, British east midlands, British English, British received pronunciation, Cockney, East Anglian, Geordie, Irish English, Kentish, Mancunian, US mid-atlantic, US midwestern, US northeastern, US southern
Ethnicity: Eastern European, White
Instruments: saxophone (skilled)
Dances: ballet (pro)
Sports: horseback riding (skilled), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), swordsmanship (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled)
Driverlicence: car
Pitch of voice: mezzo-soprano