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Kein audio


2011 An American Mansion
Format: Comedy/Musical, Venue: Hollywood Improv, Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA, Regie: Randy Lemmons, Author: Dagwood, Rolle: Rosa, Link:
2010 Whenever the Twain Shall Meet....
Format: Drama/Comedy, Venue: The Gallery Theatre, Anaheim, CA, Regie: Glenn Kelman, Author: Mark Twain, Rolle: Abbey/Penelope/Helen, Andere: HR, Link:
2010 Last Call
Format: Drama, Venue: Cayles Performing Arts Center in Fullerton, Kalifornien, Regie: Lauren Kidwell, Author: Kelly McAllister, Rolle: Brooke, Andere: HR
2009 'Die Weihnachtsgeschichte' von Charles Dickens
Venue: South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, CA, Regie: John-David Keller, Author: Charles Dickens, Rolle: Belinda Cratchit, Andere: NR, Link:
2007 Arthur Millers 'Die Hexenjagd'
Format: Drama, Venue: The Gallery Theatre, Anaheim, CA, Regie: Mark Torreso, Author: Arthur Miller, Rolle: Betty Parris, Andere: NR, Link: