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Acting Age: 30 - 50 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
2. Residence: Weimar
Accomodation: Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna, Zurich
Height: 177 cm
Haircolor: bald
Eyecolor: brown
Languages: english (intermediate)
Ethnicity: Middle European, Eastern European, Southern European
Instruments: bass guitar (skilled), guitar (skilled), trumpet (skilled)
Dances: stage dance (skilled), experimental (skilled), improvisation (skilled), performance (skilled), tango (skilled), waltz (skilled)
Sports: basketball (skilled), bodybuilding (skilled), football (skilled), handball (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), Taekwondo (skilled), table tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, moped, tractor
Pitch of voice: baritone