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Acting Age: 35 - 45 years old
1. Residence: Budapest
2. Residence: Los Angeles
Accomodation: London
Height: 187 cm
Haircolor: brown
Eyecolor: brown-green
Languages: english (intermediate), hungarian (native)
Ethnicity: White
Dances: baroque (skilled), boogie-woogie (skilled), disco (skilled), improvisation (skilled), jazz (skilled), experimental (skilled), waltz (skilled), contemporary dance (skilled), folk dance (skilled), freestyle (skilled), twist (skilled)
Sports: table tennis (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), archery (skilled), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), billiards (skilled), bowling (skilled), boxing (skilled), darts (skilled), rowing (skilled), squash (skilled), climbing (skilled), football (skilled), kayak (skilled), karate (skilled), basketball (skilled), horseback riding (skilled), mountain biking (skilled), nunchaku (skilled), volleyball (skilled), beach volleyball (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), tennis (skilled), badminton (skilled), fencing (skilled), water polo (skilled)
Driverlicence: car
Pitch of voice: baritone