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Acting Age: 25 - 35 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
2. Residence: Vienna
Accomodation: Paris, Barcelona, London, Prague
Height: 178 cm
Haircolor: brown
Eyecolor: brown-green
Languages: german (native)
Dialects/accents: Austrian, Standard German
Ethnicity: Southern European
Dances: expression (pro), disco (pro), freestyle (pro), performance (pro), showdance (skilled)
Sports: acrobatics (skilled), badminton (skilled), basketball (skilled), billiards (skilled), BMX (skilled), floor exercises (skilled), bodybuilding (skilled), bowling (skilled), boxing (skilled), capoeira (skilled), hang gliding (skilled), ice hockey (skilled), fencing (skilled), football (skilled), weightlifting (skilled), gymnastics (skilled), handball (skilled), high jump (skilled), inline skating (skilled), judo (skilled), canoeing (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), mountain biking (skilled), pilates (skilled), qigong (skilled), horseback riding (skilled), roller-skating (skilled), ice skating (skilled), skiing (skilled), squash (skilled), tai chi chuan (skilled), tennis (pro), table tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Pitch of voice: baritone