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Acting Age: 19 - 27 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
2. Residence: Hamburg
Accomodation: New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich, Vienna
Height: 166 cm
Haircolor: strawberry blond
Eyecolor: brown-green
Languages: french (beginner), spanish (beginner), english (fluent), german (native)
Dialects/accents: American English, British English, US southern, Badish, Berlin dialect, Standard German, North German, Low German, Swabian, Turkish German
Ethnicity: Middle European, Scandinavian, White
Instruments: barrel organ (pro), flute (skilled), guitar (skilled), clarinet (skilled), percussions (skilled), drums (skilled), xylophone (skilled)
Dances: ballet (skilled), belly dance (skilled), stage dance (skilled), can-can (pro), disco (skilled), freestyle (pro), funk (skilled), go-go (skilled), hip-hop (skilled), jazz (skilled), musical (skilled), pop (skilled), rap (skilled), salsa (skilled), standard (skilled), ballroom (skilled), street dance (skilled)
Sports: aerobics (skilled), badminton (skilled), basketball (skilled), beach volleyball (skilled), billiards (skilled), floor exercises (skilled), boules (skilled), bowling (skilled), boxing (skilled), capoeira (skilled), darts (skilled), dressage (skilled), parachuting (skilled), football (skilled), high jump (skilled), inline skating (skilled), kayak (skilled), karate (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), kick boxing (pro), climbing (skilled), kung fu (pro), track and field athletics (skilled), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), mountain biking (skilled), qigong (skilled), horseback riding (pro), roller-skating (skilled), ice skating (skilled), swordsmanship (skilled), skiing (pro), cross-country skiing (skilled), show jumping (skilled), squash (skilled), stick fighting (skilled), Tae Bo (skilled), tai chi chuan (skilled), tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), water polo (pro), western riding (skilled), Wing Chun (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, moped
Pitch of voice: contralto, soprano