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Photo by Hannes Caspar


Acting Age: 38 - 48 years old
1. Residence: Munich
Accomodation: Hamburg, Stuttgart, Athens, Berlin, Cologne, London, Luxembourg
Height: 167 cm
Haircolor: auburn
Eyecolor: brown, brown-green
Languages: french (beginner), spanish (beginner), english (fluent), german (native), greek (native)
Dialects/accents: British English, Standard German, K├Âlsch (Colognian), North German
Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic, Romani, Southern European, White
Instruments: harp (skilled), piano (skilled)
Dances: belly dance (skilled), flamenco (skilled), merengue (skilled), salsa (skilled), sirtaki (skilled), standard (skilled), tango (skilled), waltz (skilled)
Sports: track and field athletics (skilled), fencing (skilled), gymnastics (skilled), table tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), yoga (skilled), swimming (competitive ) (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, moped
Pitch of voice: mezzo-soprano