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Acting Age: 40 - 50 years old
1. Residence: Potsdam
2. Residence: Bochum
Accomodation: Paris, Hamburg, London, Munich, Vienna
Height: 179 cm
Haircolor: brown, bald
Eyecolor: brown
Languages: german (native), english (intermediate)
Dialects/accents: Bavarian, Berlin dialect, Standard German, K├Âlsch (Colognian), North German, Ruhrpottdeutsch, Saxon dialect, Westphalian
Ethnicity: White
Dances: stage dance (skilled), court (skilled), improvisation (skilled), standard (skilled)
Sports: badminton (skilled), beach volleyball (skilled), fencing (skilled), football (skilled), handball (skilled), high jump (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), squash (skilled), tai chi chuan (skilled), table tennis (skilled), volleyball (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, moped
Pitch of voice: tenor