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Acting Age: 38 - 50 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
Accomodation: Leipzig, Hamburg, Erfurt, Munich, Zurich
Height: 173 cm
Haircolor: brown, light brown
Eyecolor: blue-gray
Languages: english (beginner), french (beginner), italian (beginner), russian (beginner)
Dialects/accents: American English
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Instruments: bass guitar (skilled), didgeridoo (skilled), flute (skilled), guitar (skilled), Hammond organ (pro), keyboard (pro), piano (pro), harmonica (skilled), percussions (pro), saxophone (skilled), drums (skilled)
Dances: expression (skilled), experimental (pro), freestyle (pro), improvisation (pro), Indian (skilled), performance (pro), pop (skilled), rap (skilled), rock (skilled), scenic dance (skilled), dance theatre (skilled), techno (skilled), twist (skilled), folk dance (skilled), waltz (skilled)
Sports: billiards (skilled), boxing (skilled), ice hockey (skilled), figure skating (skilled), fencing (skilled), football (skilled), handball (skilled), high jump (skilled), juggling (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), climbing (skilled), track and field athletics (pro), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), sailing (skilled), skiing (skilled), cross-country skiing (skilled), pole vault (skilled), table tennis (skilled), high diving (skilled), yoga (skilled)
Driverlicence: car
Pitch of voice: baritone, tenor