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Photo by Grossmann


Acting Age: 38 - 48 years old
1. Residence: Berlin
Accomodation: Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Barcelona, Havanna, Cologne
Height: 189 cm
Haircolor: light brown, bald
Eyecolor: blue
Languages: german (native), english (intermediate), russian (beginner)
Dialects/accents: Rhineland, Saxon dialect
Ethnicity: White
Instruments: piano (skilled), drums (pro)
Dances: stage dance (skilled), cha-cha-cha (skilled), disco (skilled), minuet (skilled), ballroom (skilled), dance education (pro), twist (skilled), waltz (skilled)
Sports: bowling (skilled), parachuting (skilled), fencing (skilled), football (skilled), handball (skilled), nine-pin bowling (skilled), track and field athletics (skilled), swimming (competitive ) (skilled), motocross (skilled), horseback riding (skilled), rowing (skilled), cross-country skiing (skilled)
Driverlicence: car, truck, moped, motorbike, tank, tractor
Pitch of voice: baritone